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Indoor Succulent Plant Care 101

August 15, 2016

I’ll be the first one to admit that when I started bringing home tiny beautiful succulents to take care of they didn’t quite stick around longer than one month… After talking with some experts, trying some different kinds of succulents out and learning more about the plant species – I’ve become a much better plant mom to my little plants.  

If you love having these stunning house plants in your home as much as I do try some of these helpful tips.

What type of soil do succulents love?

Succulents really need soil that drains well so for container planting – be sure to purchase cactus soil or incorporate some gravel, rocks or sand for better water drainage in your compost. Make sure that the container has a drainage hole or simply put small rocks on the bottom of the container before planting your succulent.

Tip: For a quick test on how well your soil drains – wet it and then squeeze it in your hand. If it falls apart then your succulents will love your compost mixture.

How much water do succulents need?

These desert plants store water in their leaves, roots and stems for survival since they are used to arid conditions. Therefore, DO NOT over water your succulents and give them too much TLC. Let your succulents dry out thoroughly in-between waterings (typically once a week). When it’s time for watering, apply enough water until water starts to run out of the drainage holes of the container.

Rule of thumb: If you stick your finger in the soil and it feels moist, don’t water!

What type of pots do succulents go in?

Have fun with your succulent container décor but make sure that you plant your succulent with the leaves sitting above the rim. If you are planting succulents together in the same pot you can plant them close or leave a little more room in-between them. They will grow a little slower if they are close together but either is fine.

How much sunlight do succulents need?

If you’re keeping your succulents indoors – be sure to keep them as close to a south or east-facing window as possible so that they get enough sunlight. Succulents really thrive off of bright light since they are considered desert plants!

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