My Story

Hi! I’m Mandy and welcome to my sustainability, food and fitness lifestyle blog. I’m a digital marketer, permaculture, health and fitness enthusiast, from Indiana who recently moved from Brooklyn to Austin. I’m a nomad by heart, as I love to live in new places and travel around the incredible world that we live in.

I was once a girl who had many issues with body image and a distraught outlook on life. For many years I did not exercise, I lacked a nutrient-dense diet, and was very unmotivated. Over the last few years I made a commitment to myself to make a change on the inside and on the outside by adapting to a healthier non-toxic lifestyle and leading a life for myself as the best possible ME.

After losing over 50 pounds, gaining a new perspective and building a little fire within called confidence, I’ve found inspiration all around me that I want to share in hopes of making a positive impact on others too.

I’ve always been an environmental science nerd but finished my degree in Marketing at Brooklyn College. My career quickly took off in digital marketing while working for technology startups, digital marketing agencies and on the client-side for large brands. While I LOVE what I do, I also had a passion inside of me for getting my hands dirty in some soil and grew a huge desire to learn how to lessen my global footprint. I joined a permaculture meet-up in Brooklyn and quickly discovered a new journey that I wanted to embark on by applying these principles to my daily life.

I created Brussel & Sprout to show that sustainable living, healthy non-toxic food, and an active lifestyle can be part of anyone’s daily life.